Name of Teacher: Melanie Winter

Subject and grade level taught: 5th Grade

Years at AHS: 4

Most memorable experience at AHS: My most memorable experience was during my first year at AHS the look on my students face when they saw our first classroom transformation... An ER to assess their knowledge on the human body. They were SO engaged and excited it was priceless.

Favorite hobbies outside of school: Reading, traveling, watching movies/T.V. and hanging out with friends and family.

Something that might surprise us about you: I got the opportunity to do a mini interview of Enrique Iglesias at the Latin Billboard Award Conferences.

Any notable achievements outside of school?: Working with people from other countries to help them learn English virtually. Being a Health Coach to help people achieve their health goals.

Children's name & grade (if applicable) and/or when they graduated from AHS?: Jessica Winter 8th Grade and Aidan Winter 9th Grade

Favorite quote: "Reach for the moon even if you fall short you will land among the stars."

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