Mission Statement

Our mission at American Academy is to graduate students who are prepared in mind, body, and spirit to meet the requirements of the colleges of their choice. To this end, we offer a challenging college preparatory curriculum integrated technology, exceptional and informative guidance, leadership opportunities, and superior programs in the arts and athletics.

We are committed to providing a nurturing environment for learning so that children of average to superior intelligence with mild learning differences may achieve their full potential to be confident, creative, and contributing members in school, in the workplace, and in society.

The students at American Academy School are uniquely prepared to be leaders who embody knowledge, integrity, and compassion; the three pillars upon which our school’s philosophy is based.

We endeavor to offer a curriculum that will help students embrace and develop their strengths and passions, leading them to reach higher academic goals.

Faculty, Staff, and Students alike strive to model behavior that reflects honesty and strong moral principles in every aspect of campus life.

Students’ compassion is developed and demonstrated through community involvement and a wide variety of service activities.