Mission Statement

Mission Statement

American Heritage Schools seek to develop the full potential of each child to be an active, intelligent, creative, and contributing member of society through the embodiment of knowledge, integrity and compassion.
 We provide a curriculum that 
develops and enhances students’ strengths and passions and 
leads them to reach their academic goals.
Faculty, staff, and students all engage in 
behaviors that reflect honesty and strong moral 
principles in every aspect of  life.
Our commitment to fostering compassion is demonstrated 
through a myriad of community involvement and 
service activities that better our campuses and the world.

College Preparatory Program

The American Academy program provides the average to gifted student a college preparatory program with a major emphasis on developing intellectual skills and mastery of content areas. We are committed to providing a nurturing environment for learning, so children of average to superior intelligence with mild learning differences may achieve their full potential in being confident, creative, and contributing members in school, the workplace, and society.


We seek to teach our students computer uses and applications as tools for research, problem solving, design, and communication. It is our goal to send our students into this rapidly changing world prepared and enthusiastic for the technological changes to come in their lifetimes.

Athletic Program/Fine Arts/Clubs

We provide opportunities beyond traditional, academic studies to develop talents and abilities in fully implemented fine arts and athletic programs. We welcome and encourage all students into these programs by use of a "no cut" policy which allows all interested students to participate. We believe that students need these outlets and opportunities for participation in their developmental years and will use these experiences and interests to add balance to their adult lives. We encourage involvement in our total school community through clubs and activities, as well as arts and athletics, so that a child may learn to know him/herself and develop confidence in his/her ability to make a contribution through his/her own efforts.

"Open Door" Policy

We believe that our goals are best carried out in an environment of mutual trust and caring, where competition with one's peers is respected but not required, and where effective discipline means learning to take responsibilities for one's actions. We believe that, to be complete, the sense of family fostered on our campuses must include parents, and, to this end, we maintain effective and frequent oral and written communications and an "open door" policy. We believe that The American Academy program shares with the parents the responsibility for instilling positive values in our students.

We believe that as a K-12 program, we have a unique opportunity to provide our youngest students with positive role models. This continuity of 13 grades provides us with both the privilege and the responsibility of getting to know our students and parents to best serve the interests of every child entrusted to our care.

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