Jada Joseph - Class of 2021
Seeing the World Differently
Senior Jada Joseph has a clearer view of what her future holds thanks to American Academy.
Meet Jada Joseph

Jada Joseph, class of 2021, transferred to American Academy as a sophomore because of the academic and athletic opportunities: “My parents and I decided to transfer to American Heritage because we knew my sister (Jadae Joseph class of 2020) and I would get the best of both worlds in the classroom and on the track field”. Jada’s intention was to find her niche, to better herself as a student, and to improve herself in the sport of track and field. She met her goals and then some.

The difference between her previous school and American Academy was night and day: “American Heritage has many resources and opportunities for students to achieve their goals. With the abundance of resources, it opens the door for students like myself to find our passions, potential majors, and career choices.” The small class sizes at American Academy creates a personal environment where Jada was able to connect with her teachers and subjects.

Jada found time out of the classroom and off the track field to participate in multiple community service projects and clubs such as, campus counselor for AHS summer programs, corporate care after school assistant, Elkia Foundation providing meals to the homeless, Lead-Her-Ship which provided mentoring to young teens and First Priority Club.

Meet Jada Joseph

Upon entering, her guidance counselor, Mrs. Malloy asked her what she was interested in. Jada’s love for drawing and art was the reason Malloy suggested architecture. She took courses such as Drafting I to Computer Drafting, which is Architecture VI. This led Jada to Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where she will be majoring in architecture and design. “This is a dual degree program at Rhode Island School of Design. I will most likely be involved in the business, entrepreneurship, and organization concentration at Brown,” Jada said. 

When asked if there was anything she wanted to share about her high school experience, Jada said, “It was an absolute pleasure. This school taught me how to time manage, got me in the habit of studying efficiently, and allowed me to have a clearer view of what my future holds.”