Jadae Joseph, Class of 2020

The Right Decision

Academically and Athletically, Jadae had the best of both

Alumni, Jadae Joseph, class of 2020, has only one regret about her high school experience: not being a Patriot since her freshman year. Jadae switched schools at the start of her junior year because her family was not happy with the academic and athletic opportunities she was receiving at her previous school. “Compared to my other school, the teachers at American Academy genuinely care about you and make sure you understand what is being taught,” Jadae said.  It was the right decision, as she received an athletic track & field scholarship to Tennessee Tech University and is pursuing a degree in finance. She is scheduled to graduate in 2024. 

One person who was beside Jadae guiding her through the college process was Mrs. Malloy, her guidance counselor. “From application to transcripts, and just being a great person, I loved having her as my guidance counselor,” Jadae said. Jadae is currently a collegiate athlete and is grateful for the time she had at Heritage working with the coaching staff who made her the best athlete she could be: “I am so thankful I was able to train with them and learn all that I did.”

Jadae credits her academic success in her first year at university to the study habits and the organizational and time management skills she obtained at American Academy: “It got me in the habit of studying and getting a lump sum of work done on time and efficiently.”