Total academic scholarship earned: $1,449,500
Vinny set the record for the most scholarship money in American Heritage Palm Beach campus history

Vinny Pulice, Class of 2019, started at American Academy as a sixth grader even though the middle and high schools for which he was zoned were both A rated. His parents felt a more structured education with smaller class sizes would benefit him because of his learning differences. He is a visual learner, and it was difficult for him to comprehend material unless it was visually in front of him. It turned out to be the best decision they ever made, as Vinny received 20 college acceptances and a total academic scholarship amount of $1,449,500! 

Vinny decided on Lynn University where he is projected to graduate a year early, in the Spring of 2022, with a Bachelors in Investment Management; he is considering continuing to work towards a Masters.

While a student at American Academy, Vinny found math classes interesting which gave him the idea of majoring in finance and investments. When asked how his time in high school helped him succeed in college, he said, “I feel that I was more prepared for college academics than my peers were due to the curriculum at American Heritage.” 

Vinny credits his teachers who taught him how to dig deeper for answers and never stop learning. “Although I cannot say enough good things about all my teachers at Heritage, I would say Randy Shapiro and Laura Burton, my English teachers, played a significant role in my study and work ethics. This continues to prove positive in my academic achievements,” he said.

Dr. Michel, his guidance counselor, is another person at Heritage who played an important role in Vinny’s success: “He always supported my decisions and encouraged me to apply to all the colleges in which I had an interest. With his support, I applied to 20 colleges and universities and was accepted into all of them. I also set the record for the most scholarship money in American Heritage Palm Beach campus history.”

Vinny is extremely proud to have achieved high honors throughout high school and the Dean's list every semester in college. When asked what he would tell families considering sending their child to American Academy, he said, “It would be the best investment in their education and their future they could get.”