“The small class size gives Academy students the opportunity to have fabulous relationships both with their teachers and classmates. The class stays together yearly and enables students to go to other classes that offer higher levels as needed. An example is at six years old, Amelia was on an extremely high reading level and was given the opportunity to work at her level. This was one aspect of why we switched from public education because the Academy allows students to reach their highest potential.”
“Amelia is enrolled in Chinese and violin classes, and the Academy offers her a full rounded education. These extra programs started in first grade will give our granddaughter a strong background in preparing her for higher education. Learning Chinese hopefully will give Amelia an opportunity that is unique. Learning the violin at such an early age is a fabulous opportunity not offered elsewhere.”
“We absolutely love the relationships that Amelia has established after just one year. She is about to begin her second year at American Academy, and we are so excited to see the success, along with the fun and love she will have.”
Sue Wein (grandmother)
Amelia Wein (3rd)