Parent - Teacher 
Communications at The American Academy

At The American Academy, we believe frequent and effective communication is necessary. We offer a variety of ways to stay up-to-date on your child’s progress. Every week, an updated progress report will be posted online. Lower School students will also receive a hard copy of their progress report in their Monday or Friday correspondence. Families will also receive a bi-weekly progress report from the reading specialist. Report cards are issued at nine-week intervals with parent-teacher conference day scheduled at the end of each quarter. Midway through the nine-week quarter, interim reports are issued to students.

Parents/guardians are always welcomed to email or call teachers at any time. Teachers will respond within 24 hours. Typically, teachers respond on the same day of the communication. 

Teachers post important information on their individual portals and on an online planbook. There, you will see lesson plans, class assignments, and homework assignments.

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