Lower School

Lower School Student Reading bookThroughout elementary, students benefit from individual and small group instruction. Each teacher is assisted by a full-time aide in all classes. Teachers are experienced and state certified in teaching students with learning disabilities. Our caring teachers are proven motivators with a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the work they do. Our teachers are constantly seeking out new opportunities to learn and attend professional development workshops to ensure they design and deliver the best curriculum and technology available along with the most effective teaching methods. The classroom curriculum consists of reading, language arts, math, social studies, and science. Teachers and reading specialists also place a strong focus on developing each student’s execution functioning skills through providing opportunities to sharpen 21st Century Skills, such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.


American Academy offers a complete enrichment and extracurricular program comparable to the largest public and private schools in the country. Students receive instruction in art, music, PE, research skills, and computers. Students learn hands-on in both our indoor science lab and outside Educational Environment Center. Enrichment classes take place in special purpose rooms designed and equipped for the subject area. Fifth and sixth graders have additional enrichment course choices such as piano, chorus, drama, musical theatre, 2-D and 3-D art, dance, band, orchestra and alternatives to PE with swimming, tennis, and soccer. Students participating our distinguished Fine Arts program will have the opportunity to explore, enhance, and apply their talents through music and drama productions, art exhibits and competitions. We believe that helping students with learning disabilities develop passions outside the classroom helps build confidence and self-esteem in the classroom.

The Reading Specialist and classroom teacher work together to support the students’ growth and remediation of struggles on a regular basis. Both the classroom teacher and reading specialist are certified in Exceptional Student Education (ESE).