The American Academy’s educational technology program integrates the most current technologies throughout the student’s daily curriculum to prepare them for the future. There are multiple state-of-the art technology labs with up-to-date software and hardware for student use. Students will learn to access and appropriately use databases to complete research papers and projects beginning in kindergarten and continuing through high school. Additionally, the Upper School Media Center is equipped with computers for students to access from 7 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Upper school students participate in a one-to-one iPad program. Students access their digital curriculum via their iPad and learn the skills necessary to reach successful academic outcomes such as exploring their digital textbooks and apps, accessing research databases, organizing data, managing their google calendar, communicating with peers and teachers, and accessing class portals. Technology provides learning opportunities by encouraging students to be self-motivated and independent learners.

Lower school students will experience an integrated iPad program that facilitates instruction for skill based applications such as communication, note taking, and presentations. Students will discover new apps, and create and produce multimedia projects utilizing the iPad as well as the desktop computer.

It is our priority to prepare technology literate students who will have the ability to responsibly and effectively use technology tools to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create, and communicate information.

Available for Student Use

  • Technology integration labs for use by classroom and subject area teachers

  • Networked computers in every K-8 classroom

  • Interactive and LCD projectors in every classroom for instruction and presentations

  • Audio enhancement systems in all classrooms

  • A multitude of research databases available for student use both on and off campus

  • Full-time Technology Curriculum Directors to provide professional development and cutting edge skills for teachers and students

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