Upper School

High School Students in Science Lab

In upper school, grades 6 -12, we offer a rich and purposeful curriculum filled with a range of countless electives and required courses. Students can take advantage of trying many classes at the beginning levels or take many levels and specialize in one area, such as advanced photography or advanced guitar . We offer many electives in the performing and fine arts, physical education, multimedia, journalism and broadcasting, as well as, literature, writing, and the sciences. Our list of electives is extensive and is offered to nurture each child’s talents, interests, and passions. Conversely, elective classes are also a great way to discover one’s passions. Our comprehensive curriculum also encompasses developing each students executive functioning skills through instruction and application.

Our curriculum is assessed and updated to meet our standard of providing the best practices, the best teaching methods, and the best opportunities to inspire our students be lifetime learners.

Students in grades 9-12 must meet credit requirements in English, math, science, social studies, PE, technology, and fine arts to graduate. Students are also required to perform community service hours to graduate. Additionally, students also must be accepted into a college as part of the graduation requirement.