Beyond Limits: ADHD Empowers Entrepreneurial Success


Get ready for an inspirational journey at our next Speaker Series event, titled "Beyond Limits: ADHD Empowers Entrepreneurial Success." Happening on Tuesday, March 26th, at 7:00 pm, this session brings together a panel of three ADHD specialists and thriving entrepreneurs who will share their experiences, highlighting the positive relationship between ADHD and entrepreneurship. 

Dr. Roger Lavine, a Licensed Psychologist who specialize In Trauma, Loss, And Cognitive Deficits, Michelle Raz, Co-founder of Thrivister, Executive Function Specialist and ADHD coach, and Heather Flanagan, CEO of Flanagan Leadership Group and Executive Coaching And Business Consulting for Neurodivergents, will join us for an evening of insightful conversations diving deep into their entrepreneurial journeys and provide valuable advice for parents of children with ADHD, offering hope for a bright and successful future.

Throughout the event, parents will have the opportunity to explore key topics during the Q&A session, gain insights into the challenges and triumphs faced by ADHD entrepreneurs, understand the unique strengths ADHD brings to the entrepreneurial world, and discover practical strategies for nurturing your child's potential. This event is designed to inspire, offering a positive perspective on ADHD and emphasizing the potential for success in the entrepreneurial world.

Don't miss this chance to connect with our panelists, learn from their experiences, and find hope for your child's future. Register now to be part of this empowering conversation that brings together parents, educators, and professionals in an effort to redefine success for children with ADHD. Secure your spot and be prepared to embark on a journey of hope and possibilities!


  • Thriving Entrepreneurs & ADHD Specialists
  • Insightful Conversations and Q&A Session
  • Inspiration and Hope for the Future

Meet Our Speakers

Dr. Roger Lavine
Born in 1955 to Irish Catholic parents, Roger overcame a challenging childhood, navigating poverty and violence in a neighborhood where they were the only white family. Battling undiagnosed ADHD, he turned hyperactivity into drive, working various jobs from delivering newspapers at 5 to becoming an apprentice electrician at 16. Despite struggles in school, he graduated high school at 18, joined the military, and became the youngest Army commissioned officer at 19. In 2000, a boat explosion led to critical injuries, including 35% burns and a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Over the next 8 years, Roger focused on recovery, obtaining a doctorate in clinical psychology in 2013. This multifaceted individual has experience as an infantry captain, finance director, management scientist, consultant, race car driver, software company owner, and licensed clinical psychologist. His life journey and resilience equip him to guide others through challenges, using a straightforward program developed from personal experiences. Dr. Lavine has transformed from Social Security Disability Insurance recipient to a thriving clinician. With a philosophy rooted in personal growth, his unique approach draws from existential, Catholic, Jewish, and Buddhist philosophies. He emphasizes the importance of connection, meditation, and prayer in healing psychological afflictions, specializing in trauma, loss, and cognitive deficits. Dr. Lavine is dedicated to guiding others through life's storms, drawing on his rich experiences to facilitate transformation.

Michelle Raz
As the co-founder of Thrivister, her purpose and passion are rooted in empowering young adults facing executive function challenges. Michelle’s multifaceted journey as an ADHD coach, career service specialist, author, blogger, podcaster, and board-certified coach has been instrumental in shaping the Thrivister platform.

Michelle’s introduction to ADHD academic coaching occurred in 2009 when she sought support for her own child. At that time, resources were scarce, leading her to discover a community dedicated to helping students with ADHD through coaching. Intrigued by the concept, especially with her background in curriculum development, she recognized its potential to bridge academic demands and provide invaluable support. Witnessing the positive impact, she embarked on a journey to become trained in life coaching, ADHD coaching, and career coaching. This progression was natural as her clients transitioned through various life milestones.

Earnestly committed to spreading knowledge about how coaching can aid those struggling with ADHD, Michelle have engaged in diverse initiatives such as articles, blogs, podcasts, webinars, and more. The culmination of these experiences led her to pursue and achieve Board-Certified Coach certification. Thrivister, co-founded with Sonja Merrit, emerged from her shared belief that executive function challenges can be managed with the right support.

Heather Flanagan
Heather Flanagan, CEO of Flanagan Leadership Group, is a dynamic social entrepreneur dedicated to unleashing individual greatness. Her journey began with a profound curiosity about "the human condition," leading her to pursue a BA in Psychology from Whitman College and a PhD in Behavioral Psychology at Western Michigan University. Choosing to engage with the world rather than observe it from a lab, Heather's insights deepened through years as a successful sales and marketing executive.

Recognizing the power of participation, she founded a consulting firm offering executive coaching and business consultancy, specializing in sales, marketing, customer experience, strategic development, and heart-centered leadership. In 2017, she earned her Leadership Executive MBA from Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics.

Heather extends her impact beyond the business realm as the founder and CEO of Transortium, a nonprofit empowering transgender individuals and promoting equality through innovative programs. Her advocacy for LGBTQ rights traces back to her involvement in campaigns like No on 9 (1992) and No on 13 (1994) in Oregon. Heather served as a board member for Pride Northwest and contributed to the Sexual Minorities Roundtable.

Currently a member of the Greater Seattle Business Association, the world’s largest LGBTQ chamber of commerce, Heather continues championing equality. Residing in Bellingham, Washington, with her sons Logan and Blake, she not only guides her family but also explores the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest while nurturing her passion for reading and writing.


"Been there, done that! I truly understand and empathize with the feeling. I can relate, without enabling. Using this experience, I have developed a straightforward program to get you to wholeness, regardless of your past life experiences or failed attempts with other programs. My program supports continued personal growth, going beyond solving for issues and survival to learning skills to prosper and live life."

Dr. Roger Lavine


"Opportunities are plentiful for someone with executive function challenges when they have the support and resources behind them. It is our mission through Thrivister to help as many people as possible be successful in their lives."

Michelle Raz

“Whatever my clients bring to the table, we look together behind the walls and around the corners for gifts and opportunities and forge new possibilities.”

Heather Flanagan