ADHD Toolbox for Kids with Learning Differences
Brooke Schnittman,
  • Founder of Coaching With Brooke
  • 3x Best-Selling Author of Activate Your ADHD Potential
  • ADHD/Executive Function Coaching (All Ages)
  • Awarded Top 10 Healthcare Collaborator by WEGO Health  
  • Top 60 Adult ADHD Coaches by SOAR

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024 | 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Are you curious about the essential tools needed to support your child with ADHD? Wondering how to navigate the intricate aspects of ADHD and empower your child for success? Join us for our upcoming episode of Experts in Learning Difference: A Speaker Series, titled "ADHD Toolbox for Kids with Learning Differences." ADHD Coach Brooke Schnittman, M.A., ACC, BCC, Founder of Coaching With Brooke, 3x Best-Selling Author of Activate Your ADHD Potential, and ADHD/Executive Function Coaching, will guide you through a comprehensive exploration of ADHD topics, providing valuable insights and evidence-based strategies.

From understanding ADHD and executive function to practical tips for managing distractions at home, Brooke Schnittman will untangle the complexities of ADHD's impact on the daily lives of children. Discover the day in the life of an ADHD student, explore tailored strategies for academic success, and the crucial role of routines and lifestyle factors. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of ADHD and equip yourself with the knowledge to nurture your child's strengths with this ADHD Toolbox. Register now to secure your spot and take a proactive step towards unlocking


Meet Our Speaker

Brooke Schnittman, MA, PCC, BCC, an understanding and experienced ADHD coach who knows the challenges of living with ADHD firsthand. Diagnosed as an adult and part of an ADHD family, Brooke empathizes with feelings of frustration, overwhelm, and shame. She decided to use her personal and professional experiences to help others facing similar struggles with ADHD.

With extensive experience guiding thousands from childhood to adulthood, Brooke made a significant career shift in 2018. Leaving her role as a special education teacher and administrator, she created the specially-tailored program, 3C Activation©, emphasizing boundaries and small actions to unlock potential and achieve continuous success through Maintaining Momentum™. Her latest book, "Activate Your ADHD Potential," highlights these effective strategies.

Leading a team of specialized coaches with 100+ years' combined experience, Coaching With Brooke supports determined ADHDers worldwide. Brooke's ultimate goal is to positively impact 10 million more individuals with ADHD in the next 5 years. Customers gauge success by creating guilt-free time for things they love, controlling ADHD chaos, making career improvements based on strengths, fostering positive relationships, intentional productivity, improving academics, and self-accountability.

“Silence the Chaos."

- Brooke Schnittman, M.A., ACC, BCC