Understanding Your Child’s Learning Differences
David Krasky, Psy.S., M.S. 
Specializing in: Psycho-Educational Testing, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Executive Dysfunctions, Attention Deficit Disorder

Are you a parent of a recently diagnosed child with learning differences? Do you know what to do next in this challenging process? Are you seeking guidance on navigating the next steps for your child? Discover the path forward for your child's learning journey! Join our next episode of Experts in Learning Difference: A Speaker Series, with guest speaker David Krasky, Psy.S., M.S., a School Psychologist specializing in Psycho-Educational Testing, for our upcoming webinar, where we'll dive into the myths of the recently or newly diagnosed children, get to answer vital questions like “what happens during an evaluation” and “what comes next after parents receive the evaluation report.”

We will also shed light on the most common diagnoses, demystify the world of acronyms and learning differences, talk about the fears behind the labels, and offer effective strategies for parents. Don't miss this chance to gain valuable insights and support your child's educational journey.

Meet Our Speaker

David is a licensed school psychologist specializing in working with children and adolescents from birth to age twenty-one. Before becoming a school psychologist, David worked as a teacher in Broward County working with children who have severe emotional disturbances. After a year-long internship in Palm Beach County, he worked for five years at the University School of Nova Southeastern University assisting students, parents, and faculty with educational and psychological difficulties. In addition, David has taught graduate-level classes, conducted presentations to school faculty and parents, supervised graduate students, and consulted with public and private school educators.
He specializes in psycho-educational testing including assessing gifted abilities, learning disabilities, autism, executive dysfunctions, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). David also has vast experience running social skills groups for children who need direct instruction in specific skills such as basic and advanced conversation, reading non-verbal cues, and social decision-making and problem-solving. David also helps families with behavioral difficulties in the home by coaching parents on behavior modification and modeling appropriate skills.

“My work has allowed me to focus on discovering what works best for children, teens, and young adults so they can reach their full potential in the future."

- David Krasky, Psy.S., M.S.